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Small data is a dataset that contains very specific attributes. Small data is used to determine current states and conditions  or may be generated by analyzing larger data sets.
We want to scale up, and the way to do that horizontally is through componentized small data: By creating and integrating small data “packages”, not building big data monoliths. By partitioning problems in a way that works across people and organizations, not through creating massive centralized silos. 
This next decade belongs to distributed models not centralized ones, to collaboration not control, and to small data not  big data.
Join us creating the real data revolution. Open Knowledge community is creating the tools and materials to make it happen.
Small  Data on yhteinen tekijä karttatiedon, sosiaalisen median, API-datan,  datajalostuksen, liikennedatan, säädatan ja IoT-datan välillä. 
  •  Mitä muita eri tyyppisiä datoja on Small Dataa?

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