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Lasse Gullvåg Sætre

414 days ago
Erno Mäkinen (ernoma@gmail.com)
Chris Nyborg (chris@lokalhistorie.no)
Sidsel Hindal (sidsel.hindal@ra.no) 
Vahur P Anders Olsson 
  • Re-use in media (local-national)
At the event
Susanna Å
  • Feedback, participation, contribution, coding, trying out, wiki, prototyping
  • Peter: Ajapaik + Mapillary view, maps. --> Project. Coding --> resources. Better filtering, hacks with OSM. Pilots and prototypes. 1000 images.
  • Maptime, geo students, develop their methods. 
  • Vemund: Community function, new to crowdsourcing, feedback on the project, participation
  • Sidsel: Portal for maps, feedback on crowdsourcing
  • Robert: Not a lot of information, few active Norwegian OSM people here. New people should find their way in. Data visualisation about the technological change in history in a place.
  • ---: Meteorological institute. Climate data, change, filtering, collect. Humanities & natural sciences intertwining
  • Lars J. A. National Archives API, emigrant DB, mapped to Geonames 780 000
  • Anders: Stand & pitching ideas - RA data. MapWarper embedding a slider between the old and the new map. Akershus fortress. Interaction between different functions.
  • Jon Harald: Place names IDs, Kartverket. Official place names.
  • Gunnar: Ideas about data visualization, apply this to geodata already at hand, talk to data providers, biological ocurrence data. Biocachin has a time filter.
  • Sidsel: Together with Anders hosting the pitching process. 5 different categories. Digital story. Participants of this session as a resource. Portal for historical maps and crowdsourcing. Feedback. National db of photographers, made by a librarian at NB. Authority file for photographers, link to those descriptions.
  • Erno: Combine Wikimedia and OSM. Coding a mobile application for adding information to OSM and Wikimedia.
  • Lasse: OSM lacks data, as a human geographer, social data from Wikimedia. Buildings of power and state and the social data around them.
  • Propose topics for hacks

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