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Marko Suvila

399 days ago
llinkola Working Groups (memo discussion 11.11.2016)
Current working groups (updated last 2015 spring)
  • Avoin Demokratia/ Open democracy
Teemu R
  • "is a network of organisations & people"
  • has had various projects under this umbrella
  • Hallinnon avoin data/ Open government data
Teemu R
  • has not been doing much since "Avoimen tiedon ohjelma" was shut down
  • Raoul: "I'd wanna help with this" :)
  • "funny that this is so quiet, even though it is so essential"
  • Avoin GLAM
Teemu R
  • "...kind of from OpenGLAM, but not representing that per se"
  • e.g. copyright discussions relevant now
  • GLAM WG meets regularly
  • "very healthy group"
  • main focus is open glam
  • "perhaps not so functional...coming from one direction
  • "I found there is very little to do, because there are so ready projects"
  • "I wish there were smaller things we could do together"
  • meetings focusing on operating the open glam group
  • next session is on Suomi100
  • "still difficult to get involved"
  • "have not been able to pitch what I am doing"
  • Avoin tiede/ Open Science
  • Avoin kestävä kehitys/ Open Sustainability - lead: Jon Sundell
Teemu R
  • Lilli: "not a  real WG, in the sense that there is no unified discussion"
  • "projects are quite different from each other"
  • "I am the only person who is in both Lajirikkauskartta & OSCE days
  • some projects might get closer to geodata than sustainability 
  • Avoin oppi/Open education
  • Oma data/ My data
Teemu R
  • Salla: "I think I am in the MyData WG, I try to read about that, but cannot e.g advise the gov"  
  • the WG had lots of theoretical talk in the first time
  • Tuukka: I THINK I am participating in this but am not sure - when was the last meeting and when is the next one?
  • sometimes big projects overtake WG?
  • Avoin API
Teemu R
  • Is this a working group? Sometimes confusing to know.
Tuukka H
Teemu R
  • why is it not part of Open Gov Data
  • (alue) Turku
  • (alue) Tampere
  • (alue) Mikkeli
  • (alue) Jyväskylä
  • (alue) Oulu
  • (alue) Pori
Kaisa H
  • (alue) Lappeenranta?
llinkola Participants of working groups, or working group leaders, can give feedback to the general organization and we will discuss improvements. We will discuss the relation of the association to the working groups and see the differences and similarities with them. We will also discuss what kinds of future projects there will (or is planned) to be in 2017 and see if there are synergies there, and how should OKFI communicate and when about these projects.
Teemu R Common issues:
  • most WG's are not working well enough
  • how to really get people involved in the WG's
  • WG's are currently important to external stakeholders
  • WG should not be one projects
  • the issue of WG's is also difficult for people coming outside
  • what are OKFI's own projects, which are people's work, etc.
  • it is unclear how projects should be started - through WG's or elsewhere
  • should WG's and projects be more detached? Or more attached? 
  • "do I need to be an expert to consider to be a member of WG"
Jaakko K
  • Projects should be multi-disciplinary.
  • There should not be silos in a organisation like this.
  • "How to ask if someone is interested about working with me?"
  • There hasn't been project planning sessions or working group days for "normal" members.

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