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Salla Thure

394 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by ranjit menon , Salla Thure 394 days ago
  • Web site: Get in involved?  what activates people, eg "get a task!" find a project? 
ranjit m
  • I am a newbie - and I think a team to redesign website strategy is necessary. It also needs dialogue (not fight, dialogue) in-house first and relevant hi quality benchmarks like tactical tech (no need to compare to other OK chapters). Ive done information architecture of hEL.FI (http://www.hel.fi/www/helsinki/fi) and can handle process before it goes to "developer" - 4/5 people need to join me, to share strategy. anyone interested?? 
Salla T
  • Interested. Just a note, the OKAY party takes quite a lot resources right now so be patient with dissappearing people. How you see this should be organized between us? I suggest creating a new slack channel only about the website and then a trello to create a todo lists. I understood you have some work hours left so if you just take a lead in this until someone tells you not to :D This train just needs a little push to get going. And then admin rights for the webpage. ranjit menon  
  1. To New Members
398 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Raoul Plommer , llinkola , Salla Thure , Oliver Kalleinen 398 days ago
Raoul P Tools for communication
  • Examples
-- the website process is a complex one, and should be done as soon as possible as  the design process (participatory/collaborative inpputs) is most effective way to resolve internal communications, curate old projects & have a web page that is branded & communicating activities in a elegant, engaging way. Before any tools are designed, the web design process is a hands on method with all members. 
Data visualizers, not just mechanical but who are able to build a story (like above example) are needed (and available frmo medialab). Such visualizations can be re-used by other people who are doing presentations.
Raoul P Identifying our communication needs
  • Internal communication (First contact point: website)
Raoul P
  • Where to find information for certain project (Trello)
  • Information on WG (Web page/Trello/facebook)
  • Board meetings/decisions (Gdocs)
  • Discussion on developing work/projects (Reddit?)
  • Tools for collaborating (Hackpad)
  • Documenting projects (Wiki)
  • External communication
  • Where to get an overview on projects that are ongoing/starting
  • Where to find detailed information on projects/WGs
  • Where to find contact details of people that are working on a particular WG/project
  • Social media (FB, Twitter)
  • Communicating progress on projects/WGs
  • Publishing news relating to ongoing projects and new ideas
  • Publishing our own events and related events
Salla T
  • Do we want to find possible thesis topics from our WGs and projects to be made by students, eg. internal comms?
Raoul P
  • Photos & videos
Salla T Need to write general guides for...
Raoul P
  • Tool usage in WGs (Trello, Slack, Hackpad)
Salla T
  • How to use different languages?
  • A lot happen in google docs AND social media (mainly FB), but links are missing from the website for other people to access
  • There is no feedback forum???
Oliver K Here is how another, similar organisation dealt with this issue:
398 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Raoul Plommer , Teemu Ropponen , Salla Thure , Jaakko Korhonen 398 days ago
Raoul P Retriitti - Recap
  • Need a list (3-5) of past successful projects "sellable formats" - with metrics!
Raoul P
  • Mediakit for making a new local group / chapter, using the Estonian introduction package
  • Listing international events, introduced a few in the hackpad
Teemu R
  • todo: add to vuosikello
  • goals for 2017
  • not known?
  • concrete next steps?
  • meeting on international work?
Raoul P
  • making a submission for RightsCon 2017 (Raoul)
  • Creating a presentation package (Raoul, Mika, Jaakko)
  • next steps
  • Please fill up!
  • Working group -specific calendars
Teemu R
  • What in 2017
  • auditing/certification to be looked at 
  • telling the story of entrepreneurial stories
  • immediate next steps
  • decide on our stand
  • Communications is vital!
  • both internal and external
Raoul P
  • How to offer small tasks to newbies/volunteers (Trello integration on our website, to have a quick overview of the latest active projects)
Teemu R
  • What in 2017?
  • "200 new members"
  • paving the path to be more approachable
  • immediate next steps
  • Liisi is the j√§sensihteeri > team around this
  • meet w/ others interested in this
Teemu R
  • What all does avoimuuskasvatus mean
  • What in 2017
  • revive open education group - there are actually a lot of new ideas
Raoul P
  • Making a marketable package for schools to present them the usefulness of open data - great for newbies too!
Teemu R
  • immediate next steps 
  • blog post in the making
  • contact x persons?
  • better, organized comms to stakeholders
  • next steps (Teemu, Liisi, + NN)
  • reorganize the doc
  • fill in more (e.g. all previous next )
Science session
  • next step (Heidi)
Landscape of technologies and societal trends
Salla T
  • mind mapped on paper
  • Education one big topic
  • copy the map from the paper into a digital format
Salla T
  • community becoming more close knit
  • CONCRETE NEXT STEP newbie treatment improvements that transforms also to activating older members should be designed and taken into action (Saara Suurla was interested, a team for her?)
Raoul P
  • matchmaking old(er) and new people?
Salla T
  • where and what we communicate now internally
  • CONRETE NEXT STEP suggestion how to improve
  • "trellofication"= how to make WG's etc. work and tasks more visible and available for community (testing this in communication/website improvements Marko, Ranjit, Lilli, Raoul, Salla -> will report about this later)
Raoul P
  • Listing different tools for particular communication needs and pros and cons of them
  • END RESULT LATER: Making a collective decision on what tools we use for different communication needs
Teemu R Working groups (& regional)
  • need to be critical, define projects and WG's and their differences
  • For 2017
  • immediate next step
  • define WG's & projects
Raoul P
  • connecting regional members to projects
Teemu R
  • group leaders are facilitators
Jaakko K Geodata Working Group
Teemu R A new working group?
Raoul P
  • Collecting links and connections to separate groups and their work
  • 2017 actions
  • elections "manifesto"
  • Mets√§tietolaki
  • + others (use of CC in foundations, Eu copyright, Yle, etc.)
  • next steps

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