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Oskari Lappalainen

399 days ago
Jaakko K How to make it easier to join OKFFI?
What is the image of Open Knowledge and how to make it easily approachable for all of the community.
  1. Should be about humans
  1. Some very concrete ideas brought us to community with our ideas
  1. Cryptoparty, Tietopyyntöilta, Open Data Day, festivals
Teemu R
  1. need to make sure events are used to get new members
  1. Uusien ilta - the newbies evening - was good
What makes people stay - "how to make it stick"?
  • clear tasks for people
Jaakko K
  • Make everyone know what practices are and how to do them.
Teemu R How to be more systematic when new people come in?
Oskari L Should there be more active recruiting?
Teemu R Certain hours of open doors at the office in addition to the invitation to visit the office anytime
Tech vocabulary may not be very incusive. For people coming from different "working" cultures, the practices in the events may not seem very open (intuitive). Maybe partly question of the people's different needs for more or less structure.
Oskari L Aproach students from different universities using a "Open data and X"-angle, tell people how open data & knowledge can be beneficial to differents fields. Take open data out of the tech world...though this has already happened to some extent.

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