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358 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joona Lehtomäki 358 days ago
Joona L 2016-12-22
  • Updated Polylang plugin to 2.0.12 and File Manager to 4.1.1
  • Added two update posts on the current status of the negotiations
926 days ago
llinkola Biodiversity Map Data Sources
R libraries suitable 
  • metsänomistajia metsien arvosta.
  • metsänomistajille hakkuusuunnittelun pohjaksi.
  • luonnonharrastajille suojelun arvoisista kohteista, joita kentälläkin voisi katselmoida.
Dissemination channels and partners
Metsäkeskus, Metsäneuvonta
Innofore, Jatkuva kasvatus
Yksityiset vähemmän hoidettujen metsien omistajat, löytäminen tiheysmallin avulla
http://paikkatieto.ymparisto.fi/velmu/map.htm (Baltic see marine biodiversity)
other resources
Local In Finland
  • Species information, observation listing, observation history data: Laji.fi APIs http://laji.fi/rajapinnat should be opening around Q4/2015
Mikko H
  • Wikidata
  • Laser scannig data? MML dot cloud data
  • - Kallioperä, maaperä
Mikko H
  • Forest density information? runkotiheys , vertical density
  •  - land use etc.
llinkola Species genetics 
Jaakko K Global sources
Konsta H GBIF - Global Biodiversity Information facility. API: http://www.gbif.org/developer/summary
  • Global species observations. Laji.fi's FinBIF data also included in GBIF
LAADS - data from US satellites https://ladsweb.nascom.nasa.gov/data/search.html
Yucong G GRI_Global Reporting Initiative guidelines_environmental indicators for corporate reporting
Sustainable Forest Management certificate_forest companies need to apply for these certificates in commercial plantation:  PEFC http://www.pefc.org/    FSC https://fi.fsc.org/
Luke_Finnish Forest Research Institute year book (most information about wood products trade)_essential conservation factors http://www.metla.fi/metinfo/tilasto/julkaisut/vsk/2013/vsk13_symbolit_kartat.pdf  forest biodiversity and health  http://www.metla.fi/metinfo/tilasto/julkaisut/vsk/2013/vsk13_02.pdf  
The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species http://www.iucnredlist.org/technical-documents/spatial-data
947 days ago
Heidi L OKFFI Open Science
Notes 2015-05-13
Open Science working group: http://fi.okfn.org/wg/openscience/
Joona L Joona Lehtomäki <joona.lehtomaki@gmail.com>
Jukka H Jukka Huhtamäki <jukka.huhtamaki@tut.fi>
Tarmo T Tarmo Toikkanen <tarmo@okf.fi> <tarmo.toikkanen@aalto.fi>
Joona L Daniel Schildt
Asta Manninen
Maija P Maija Paavolainen maija.paavolainen@helsinki.fi.
Teemu R (Teemu Ropponen <teemu.ropponen@okf.fi>
Heidi L Discussion items:
Joona L 1) Working group core mission and practices
  • Original purpose of the working group: 1) Provide a network for like-minded people doing research or interested in research and science, and 2) participate in raising awareness and organizing training and education.
  • Important addition: participate in societal and administrative projects (such as ATT)
  • How to increase the active members core of the working group?
  • email-list? 
  • Come back to the idea of spreading posters on campuses
  • show&tell(s)
  • Blog?
  • Arrange competition/challenge for wider audience --> pilot change in researcher meriting
Jukka H
Joona L
  • How about creating best practices for e.g. white and black lists OA publishing (i.e. Beal's list, DOAJ)
2) WG's role in open science training/education
3) Nordic Open Data Week (NODW)
Tarmo T
  • Ke 3.6. science + education
Joona L
  • Aim for the event?
  • What's the connection to other Nordic countries
  • Main aim: get more active member
Tarmo T
  • Open Science Lounge (ent. Cafe) Hub13, 9:00-13:00
  • Computational Social Sciences (Lauri Eloranta, HY)
  • ATT manual workshop (Jessica Parland-von Essen)
  • Mikko Myllykoski, Heureka
  • Nordic Hangout at 13:00. Theme: Open Science / Education ?
Joona L
  • Google hangout?
  • Vision for open science in the Nordic countries --> declaration of some sort? Endorsement?
  • What's the status/challenge for particular components of open science in respective countries? Can we identify bottlenecks in OA, open research data etc.?
  • Open Finland Challenge 2015: ATT challenge should be launched this week
  • Communication/advertising:
  • OKFFI blog
  • Ads to doctoral programmes/grad schools
  • NODW.se needs a separate link for each event
  • Facebook
4) Other item
  • 20.5. ATT 
Heidi L Action points:
Joona L
  • Perhaps develop light structure for the functioning of the group (regular meetings, etc)
  • MindTrek-conference, any contributions from the working group? Heidi has already submitted a proposal
  • NODW
  • Blog post (Heidi)
  • Links to:
  • nodw.se
  • Own web page
  • Facebook group (Heidi)
  • Open science day / evening party somewhere in the autumn
947 days ago
Tarmo T OKFFI Open Education notes 2015-05-13
Participants: Jukka Huhtamäki, jukka.huhtamaki@tut.fi, Tarmo Toikkanen, Susanna Ånäs susanna.anas@gmail.com, Joona Lehtomäki <joona.lehtomaki@gmail.com>, Heidi Laine, Tove Ørsted, Maija Paavolainen maija.paavolainen@helsinki.fi, Eija Kalliala, Asta Manninen <asta.manninen@pp.inet.fi>
Open Education working group: http://fi.okfn.org/wg/open-education/
Tarmo T
Jukka H
  • ITK open data was referred to as part of a session on Open data and the digital
Tarmo T
  • Maija Paavolainen from HY library: upcoming course on open glam ... cf. digital humanities
  • "Arts and Culture 2014 Helsinki"
Tarmo T
  • datakoulu.fi
  • blog with current and upcoming courses, projects, ideas...
  • repository of examples, cases...
  • OPH-haku, Oppimisympäristöjen kehittäminen (dl 22.5.)
  • A school (high school or elementary school) needs to lead the project
  • OPH calls are quite light-weight and prefunded (self-funding rates 5%/20%/5%)
  • Past and ongoing funding proposals
Teemu R
  • OKM-haut (mukana ohuesti mm. Otavan opiston haussa)
  • Wikimedia & education
Tarmo T
  • Basic model: Wikimedia and higher education (use and production of Wikimedia resources in scientific writing or education)
  • Edu plan for rest of 2015: network with open education actors; collaborate with 1 educational institution (probably HY), produce brochures
  • Education Extension platform (localization of)
  • Hopefully hire one person for 2016 on the education theme
  • Ke 3.6. science + education
  • Open Science Lounge (ent. Cafe) Hub13, 9:00-13:00
  • Computational Social Sciences (Lauri Eloranta, HY)
  • ATT manual workshop (Jessica Parland-von Essen)
  • Mikko Myllykoski, Heureka
  • Nordic Hangout at 13:00. Theme: Open Science / Education ?
  • Data opener's and reuser's online course scripts published (World Bank)
Teemu R
  • Open Finland Challenge
  • continuation of Apps4Education
  • "Open Finland Science and Education Challenge" -> is one category
Tarmo T Q: => what is Open Education group's mission? Target groups, goals...
Teemu R Action points:
  • Arrange meet w/ Sari Raisanen/Kansalliskirjasto (helsinki.fi) ? (HY)
Tarmo T
  • datakoulu.fi blog (Tarmo)
  • NODW Wednesday scheduling (Susanna...

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